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Pocket Knives and the Art of the Little Mester

There are a few things without which any pocket  is incomplete. Such things are staples of everyday life, tools that become lifelong friends. One such item is the humble pen knife. I can clearly remember my first pocket knife, given … Continue reading

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The Simple Pleasures Of Life At The Good Life Experience

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find myself at the Harwarden Estate north Wales for The Good Life Experience. A newcomer to the festival scene, this was the first year of the family festival which aims to offer … Continue reading

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Enstone Leather

Perhaps it is due to growing up with a furniture maker father and a sewing motherbut from an early age I’ve always had a fascination with the traditional skills of those individuals who produce, by hand, simple, everyday and yet … Continue reading

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Matt Hind for Old Town

Anyone who’s ever picked up a copy of Men’s File magazine (if you haven’t your missing out!) or looked at any heritage or vintage style photography will have heard of Matt Hind. a tonal master, his work holds an incredible … Continue reading

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A Look at Life: Motorcycling

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Glove’s for your Cafe Racer: Ranchers and Ropers.

While the existence of Mapel motorcycle jeans may go some way towards tackling the difficulty of finding quality gear that looks as good off the bike as it does on, while still offering decent protection, it’s sadly it’s not just a problem … Continue reading

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A Sneak Peak inside Mister Freedom

A rare look inside one of the leading lights of vintage and revival/heritage/reinterpretation clothing.

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ARN Mercantile

There are a lot of different reasons to like the ‘workwear’ aesthetic, for some its the rugged had wearing nature, for others it’s evocative of another era, for me it’s functionality and simplicity. The term ‘workwear’ is somewhat overused (almost … Continue reading

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Apparel of Desire No. 3 and No.4: Old Town Clothing

This is more of an excuse to post some of Old Town Clothing’s fantastic work, than anything else. In truth All of their designs are items that I have spent many hours looking at again and again, but here are … Continue reading

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The Myth of Japanese Selvedge Denim.

So we all know the story of Japanese Selvedge (Self-Edge) denim right? The big American jeans manufacturers wanted to modernise their factories to produce more denim more quickly. The old shuttle looms that produced denim at a low tension and … Continue reading

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