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Mapel Motorcycle jeans: the perfect denim for on and off your motorcycle

You Know that feeling of “why the hell didn’t someone think of that before”? You get it when you see something that seems so obvious in hindsight that you wonder how on earth it didn’t come about sooner. Motorcycles and … Continue reading

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Rising Sun Denim & the RT N’The 44s

RT N’ THE 44s Rising Sun Jeans

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The Myth of Japanese Selvedge Denim.

So we all know the story of Japanese Selvedge (Self-Edge) denim right? The big American jeans manufacturers wanted to modernise their factories to produce more denim more quickly. The old shuttle looms that produced denim at a low tension and … Continue reading

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I.D.W.P: Blitz motorcycles & Edwin

Another old video but one of my favourites, What could be better than sunshine, a bunch of friends and motorcycles…nothing. (well maybe except for for the addition of a decent pair of jeans and a good pair of boots) I … Continue reading

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Shameless reposting: Cool Hunting Video Presents: Roy Denim

In the realms of the denim obsessive Roy Slaper, of ROY Denim, is king. A one man operation Roy makes jeans, by hand from his small warehouse space in a┬áback street of Oakland, California. Here’s a great interview with him … Continue reading

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