The Oil Rag is a collection of articles on vintage clothing, workwear, motorcycles, revivalist subcultures and menswear.

Like many I first became interested in vintage clothing simply because the design and quality was far superior to anything I could find in the high street. This led me into researching the modern day makers who are keeping old skills alive. Perhaps it’s a reaction to throwaway culture, or a search for some kind of authenticity, but the past few years have seen a resurgence of interest in these small scale makers, in everything from menswear to custom motorcycles.

There is also something both evocative and tangible about an object that has had care go into it’s production. Perhaps this is why well made made things so often go hand in hand with specific groups, subcultures, and ideas

Be it the notion of adventure or well made things, for me, the interest comes from a want for something of substance, something actual in a world where so much is virtual.

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