L’équipée en Himalaya

As much as I love them, and I really do,  it’s fair to say that a lot of the motorcycle adventure films out there have a tendancy to allude to a search for some kind of lost masculinity, or at least they are, by in large about and men and aimed at men. There’s nothing inhrently wrong with this of corse but its refreshing to see something that’s a bit different.

Each episode of L’équipée en Himalaya starts with the intro “Five Parisian girls, fond of motorcycles and adventure, made a cray bet: to cross the Himalaya”  What could be better? This series of films documenting the adventures of Louise D,  Cecile,  Pauline, Cindy and  Louise B as they transverse the length of the Himalayas on Royal Enfields is full of style, charm, and Parisian cool. Plus it has a great soundtrack to boot!



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