The Simple Pleasures Of Life At The Good Life Experience

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find myself at the Harwarden Estate north Wales for The Good Life Experience. A newcomer to the festival scene, this was the first year of the family festival which aims to offer something a little different. Co-created by Cerys Matthews and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, The Good Life experience was a celebration of the food, culture and great outdoors.

When it comes the simple pleasures that getting out in the the countryside can offer Charlie and Caroline, quite literally wrote the book. They are the authors of The Family Guide To The Great Outdoors . They brought this passion to the festival by bringing together some of their favourite companies, craftspeople and individuals. There was a wide and varied range of activities, talks and workshops on offer though-out the day covering everything from wild swimming to bush craft. An of course with Cerys involved, (as anyone who listens to her radio show would expect) , the of music was fantastically curated and varied.

DSC_0663 - Copy

DSC_0649 - Copy

DSC_0665 - Copy

Above all the festival managed to have an atmosphere that was both friendly and genuinely intimate while also being great fun. I mean honestly, how many festivals can you think of where you can spend the morning throwing axes, or skinning a rabbit, get a dapper cut from one of London’s best barbers at lunch time then have an evening of dancing away to Balkan music or  sitting by the bonfire?


In fact I found myself so taken up in the day that I hardly took a single photo until early the following morning and I must say the Harwarden estate is a thoroughly beautiful part of the world.

DSC_0660 - CopyDSC_0671 - CopyDSC_0676 - Copy

The Good Life Experience was the perfect farewell to the summer and I recommend you all put it in your diaries for next year!

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