Matt Hind for Old Town

Anyone who’s ever picked up a copy of Men’s File magazine (if you haven’t your missing out!) or looked at any heritage or vintage style photography will have heard of Matt Hind. a tonal master, his work holds an incredible sense of atmosphere and texture. His photographs evoke a real sense of cinematic style without seeming dated or purely retrospective. The result of this careful balancing act is something that manages to feel genuinely fresh while not feeling contrived, a rare trick indeed.

Anyone who’s seen this blog before will know how I feel about Old Town Clothing, but to recap I love them. Theres a lot of workwear inspired stuff out there these days but few match the clean elegance of Old Town. The design and quality of their products is somehow reminiscent of Shaker furniture; utilitarian, simple and beautifully made.

So what do you get when you put the two together?…this:

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