Some cool videos to get you though the day. Some old some new.

Ok so I haven’t posted in a while so by way of apology, while doing no real work myself here’s some awesome stuff other people have made.

A short film about Stan Dibben,  winner of the World Sidecar Championship in 1953

Experiments in Speed.

Here’s what happens when you have salt fever, no engine no salt flats, but a whole lot of talent passion and skill

It’s Better in the Wind. Chances are you’ve seen this already but the best videos stand re-watching right?

A short film showcasing the work of motorcycle photographer Merry Michau. A brilliant photographer with an enviable job!

Ride into the Himalayas: A journey into the mountains on a Royal Enfield? Yes please

A San Fancisco Story: An iconic city, Fantastic roads, beautiful people and motorcycles… What’s Not to like  

Over several months Simon Chisten woke while the rest of San Francisco slept. He climbed into the hills around the city and took his camera with him. The result is the  hauntingly beautiful film Adrift.
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