Old motorcycle photographs #1

There is something about a motorcycle that just makes you want to pose with it.

The motorcycle is a cultural touch point, They represent a sense of danger, a subversive and hedonistic mix of freedom, rebellion, adventure, not found elsewhere in modern society. they are often outside mainstream culture, when you set out on one you opt out of the the day job the house the car, keeping up with neighbours. You leave the whole lot at the door, even if it’s just for an hour. Perhaps  it’s something to do with this otherness,  that makes people want to pose with them, Or perhaps its just that they’r damn cool and if you stand next to one some of that cool might just rub of on you. Whatever the reason, if you have a bike, be it a Honda 90 or a Vincent Black Shadow, then there is the automatically compulsion to be photographed with it.  It would be natural to assume that this is a somewhat recent phenomenon, it’s reasuring then, to note that this is not the case.

So here  beginning  a series of old motorcycle photographs is my grandfather Paul:

 photo 1p_zpsb12529ac.jpg

In the 1930’s he was stationed out in India which is where this photo was taken. He would have been in his early 20’s at the time. Some people have suggested the bike to be a Levis Popular. There are alot of similarities except the the drive chain/ belt is on the other side on most examples I’ve seen. Any ideas?

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