Cafe Racer Jackets #4 Brimaco

Time for another iconic Cafe Racer Jacket. This time; Brimaco.

 photo CIMG3011_zps3d860d61.jpg

Brimaco jackets have had a lot of screen time in recent years, appearing in several films and T.V programs, from Joshua Jacksons “One Week” (worth seeing) to Jamie bell in “Jumper” (not so much). Unlike many other cafe jackets they are quite easily identifiable. They stand out as something subtly different and quite unique.

 photo brim3_zpsc8d1a965.jpg

Brimaco, or British Cycle Leathers as they were otherwise known, were based in Monteal and are probably the best known name of the pantheon of twentieth century Canadian leather jacket manufacturers. They were also one of the oldest manufacturers in North America, having set up production as early as 1895. A contemporary of manufacturers of like Beck and Buco, the designs from each company  evolved over several years, often influenced by one another’s designs. Despite this, Brimaco’s Cafe jackets have a distinctive design, a unique profile that clearly sets them apart form their contemporaries.

 photo CIMG3016_zps57bb7f52.jpg

 photo P1150404_zps5747cbc7.jpg

A ‘typical’ North American care racer jacket is highly tailored at the waist, is slim fitting, short in the body, has only two chest pockets and a short stand or mandarin collar.

Brimaco jackets, while immediately recognisable as a cafe design depart form this in several ways, and have several individual elements;

Unlike most Cafes which were quite short, Brimaco’s are very long in the body, extending well below the waist.They are trim on the shoulders and slim throughout the body, but are often squarer and less tailored at the waist than many of their contemporaries.

 photo P1150394_zpsce2ba507.jpg

The generally employed a four pocket design, including two horizontal chest, and two angled hand warmer pockets.

 photo P1150398_zpsb78e6c43.jpg

For the central zip two way Lightning brand zippers were used. The pockets being closed by smaller Lightning zippers (Lighting, another Canadian company, were one of the earliest zipper manufacturers and introduced many improvements to their design. Their zippers are commonly found on Canadian and British clothing from the 1920s right up until the early 1970s).

 photo brim_zps3f9a0b4f.jpg

Instead of the snapped mandarin design they have a long throat strap at the collar. This usually being lined in corduroy or rayon.

 photo P1150400_zps328e9ca7.jpg

They have a long wind protector panel under the main zip, this is unusually connected up to just below the collar, but extends up under it.

There were several incarnations of Brimaco’s cafe racer, from the riders jacket to the raider, with several minor adaptations to the design. The main differences being at the back, which varied from a simple yoke design early on, to a more fitted fitted shoulder action vent and kidney strip arrangement in the 1970’s.

 photo brim2_zpsaab6b497.jpg

While each design varied slightly the overall profile changed little throughout a production run of over 30 years. One of the oldest manufacturers,  an immediately recognisable design, iconic appearances in countless films, Brimaco jackets are surely amongst the greatest cafe racer jackets ever to have been produced.

All images have been taken from online, if you are the owner of these images and would like them to be removed of individually credited, please contact me and I will do so.

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