Favourite Boots: Redwing 100th anniversary GT’s

Everyone should have at least one thing in our wardrobe or on the rail that has become something more than a mere garment. Nothing lasts forever but things that are built to last develop and mould to us, they are with us on our adventures and in our day to day life. These are the favourites and somewhere along the way they can take on a life of their own. There’s something about boots that makes them seem built for this purpose.

These are my favourite boots, my Red Wing 100th anniversary GT’s:

 photo wor1_zps6eaceafc.jpg

Or rather this was them about a year ago. I’d always wanted a pair or Red Wings before getting these but had never been able to afford a pair. One day when i wasn’t really looking for anything for myself,  I found these fellas for £15 hidden away under a rack in a vintage store (good haul that day, I also found an 1960’s Belstaff Trialmaster). They’ve been on my feet most days since. As battered as they look above they’ve seen a lot more miles since and are considerably more worn. They’ve taken me many places, survived cowboy shoe repairers and are in dire need of a re-sole but I still wear them pretty much every day.

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