New Designs from Old Town

Based in Holt in Norfolk, Old Town Clothing, is one of my favourite makers. After having had an interest in vintage clothing for several years Old Town was one of the first contemporary manufacturers I became aware of and I have been an avid follower and fan of their work ever since. To the casual eye their designs may appear to be recreations of 1930-40’s British workwear and while thats certainly a big influence there’s a lot more at work here. Their designs use the idea of “now and then” that is using historical garments, photographs and memories as a staring point to create something new.

Old Town has and ever evolving and changing range and these latest offerings embody this ethos:

The Hemsby Jumper:



The Hemsby is a split collar jumper with  a broad contrasting band. There’s something a little 1920’s about it, something part sportsman part schoolyard. The Hemsby is not a recreation of some vintage ‘original’. It has no provence to make it desirable, it’s just a nice, well made thing and in the end thats what its about. As is says on Old Town’s website: “These days it seems popular to evoke a garment’s heritage or provenance however spurious, simply designing or making something isn’t considered to be quite enough. I could say that Shackleton had a Hemsby or that Mallory might have fared better had he taken his with him on his fateful trek but I would be telling fibs”

The Short DB Jacket:



There’s something of a touch French or possibly Dutch utility jacket about this jacket. outside of heavy woollen coats double breasted jackets have had a distinctly sunday-sailor feel, so perhaps its time to reclaim it for everyday wear.

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